Introducing the GAMIGRATION Zenodo Community: A Hub for Collaborative Research and Resources

We are excited to announce the GAMIGRATION Zenodo Community, an open-access repository designed to facilitate the sharing of research, resources, and collaborative efforts related to our project. This platform serves as a comprehensive archive for all materials associated with the GAMIGRATION initiative, fostering transparency, accessibility, and collaboration among educators, researchers, and stakeholders.

How to Access the Zenodo Community

To explore the GAMIGRATION Zenodo Community, visit our dedicated Zenodo page:

Explore the GAMIGRATION Zenodo Community

Join the Conversation

We invite educators, researchers, and all interested parties to join the GAMIGRATION Zenodo Community. By contributing to and utilizing the resources available, you can help advance the mission of creating inclusive educational environments for immigrant students.

Stay connected with the GAMIGRATION project through our website and social media channels:

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