PR1 – Factor analysis

The goal of the factor analysis is to find out the reasons why immigrant students can’t successfully fit into the classes they have been getting the education.

Three different questionnaires will be prepared: for immigrant students, for local students, and for teachers.

The questionnaires will be conducted in different schools in Germany, Turkey, and Spain, and the results will be analyzed and reported to use in the subsequent project’s results.

PR2 – Games Based English Grammar & Vocabulary Lessons for EU Citizenship

A collection of Open Educational Resources (OER) will be gathered and adapted to teach Games Based English Lessons about EU Citizenship.

Once the content of the course has been defined, the consortium will work to harmonize the content between the different modules and to prepare learning activities.

PR3 – e-ntegration via Gamified English Lessons – Lead by USAL

Following the recollection of OERs and English lessons for EU Citizenship, the third result aims to help teachers of English teach both immigrant and local students European Citizenship values implicitly while teaching the English language goals explicitly.

We will provide teachers with concrete teaching materials in real atmospheres to teach and strengthen common European Values through a gamified eLearning course.

PR4 – Branching Scenarios

The last result will be the “Branching scenarios”, which is focused on creating a series of scenarios in which immigrant and local students can understand each other’s lifestyles, family life, culture and value judgments in a better way.

We want to put them into these scenarios to determine what consequences they would face in certain situations to help them have some ideas.