GAMIGRATION Project Showcased at XIII ACLES Congress for Language Centers and Internationalization in Salamanca

The innovative GAMIGRATION project took center stage at the esteemed “XIII CONGRESO ACLES Centros de lenguas universitarios e internacionalización: nuevos desafíos (” held in Salamanca from June 29th to July 1st, 2023. The project was featured during the “Internationalization” session, where its presentation titled “Gamification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Promote European Values” captivated attendees.

GAMIGRATION aims to integrate gamification techniques into the English language learning process, emphasizing the cultivation of European values among learners. Through engaging and interactive activities, the project seeks to enhance language acquisition while instilling principles such as cultural diversity, cooperation, and mutual understanding.

During the congress, Lucía García elucidated its methodology and showcased tangible outcomes, including increased student engagement, proficiency gains, and the promotion of cross-cultural dialogue.