GAMIGRATION Teacher Training Empowers Educators in Bursa

In a bid to revolutionize language education and promote European values, the GAMIGRATION project hosted a transformative teacher training session at the esteemed UKLA AKADEMI in Bursa, Turkey. From July 3rd to July 7th, 2023, 22 dedicated educators immersed themselves in a dynamic five-day program designed to enhance their pedagogical skills and deepen their understanding of the project’s innovative approach.

Hosted at the state-of-the-art facilities of UKLA Academy Language Schools, the training kicked off with a comprehensive exploration of EU Citizenship Values on the first day. Participants engaged in lively discussions to ensure a unified understanding of these fundamental principles, laying the groundwork for the days ahead.

As participants embarked on this enriching journey, they not only enhanced their own skills but also contributed to the advancement of language education and the promotion of European values. The GAMIGRATION project training in Bursa proved to be a transformative experience, paving the way for a more innovative and inclusive approach to teaching and learning.

The GAMIGRATION project training in Bursa, Turkey, featured a diverse agenda aimed at enhancing educators’ skills and understanding of gamification in language education and European values promotion. The event commenced with an opening speech by UKLA followed by workshops on teaching through online games and effective classroom management in game-based teaching. Participants engaged in discussions on branching scenarios’ role in education and were briefed on the project by USAL.

Further workshops delved into motivating teens, learner autonomy, and engaging learners online. Breakout sessions explored topics such as immigrant students’ integration and academic/social challenges. Group tasks included branching scenario writing and discussions on differentiation, scaffolding, and utilizing online resources. The training concluded with sessions on teacher reflection and collaboration, empowering educators to implement innovative techniques in their classrooms.