Multiplier event in Giessen: GAMIGRATION – Branching Scenarios als interaktive Methode im Sprachenunterricht

The event held on 6 of March and conducted by Wirtschaftsschule am Oswaldsgarten (WSO) significantly supported the sharing and dissemination of the GAMIGRATION project’s results.

The events were tailored to the target audience, which included English teachers from schools with high immigrant student populations, guidance counselors, other professionals and families facing intensive integration challenges.

During the event, WSO leveraged its extensive experience with immigrant students to engage a broad audience from Giessen and neighboring regions. Key project elements, such as the Gamigration platform and its branching scenarios method, were showcased to demonstrate their potential in fostering integration through gamified English lessons and the teaching of European values.

This approach was aimed at enhancing the motivation and inclusion of immigrant students in the educational system. The events provided practical examples and interactive sessions where participants could access to the platform, ensuring hands-on experience and better understanding, encouraging the participants to adopt these innovative methods in their respective institutions.